2021 Road Inspection

Fairfield Township Road Inspection 5/4/21

The road inspection meeting was called to order by Chairman Phil Yetzer. Other board members present were supervisor  Les McCoy and clerk Marianne Auge’.  The group left the town hall at 5:35 PM.

Tower Road: Dust control to Schroeder’s and keep grading.  Take cut wood off the road shoulder.

Libby Road: Dust control to Sandy Brown’s property and continue grading.

Martz Road: Normal grading. Check to see if the pine tree next to the turnaround can be removed.

Dam Road: Dust control on road and grading.

Fletcher Road: Patch pot holes

Darsnek Road: Continue grading.

Dolney Lake Road: Cover the tailing put on the road with gravel. Continue grading.

Cemetery: Remove the tree branches that fell and continue mowing.

Cory Road: Continue grading.

Wood Drive: Shouldering by intersection with Bonnie Lakes Road. Crack seal

Bonnie Lakes Road: Do shouldering between the Y and Palmer Drive., replace the culvert before 37389 Bonnie Lakes Road with 2,  24”  diameter culverts. Contact Anderson Brothers to blacktop over new culvert when the road is settled. Put up speed limit signs. Crack seal.

Palmer Drive:  Fix the corner by either blacktopping or putting in crushed rock or crushed cement on the shoulder. Crack Seal

Lodge Pole Lane: Fix the sign that is leaning. Crack seal.

Tamarack Road: Crack seal and have shouldering done.

Goodrich Lane: It is in good shape. Crack seal.

Township Road 114: Evaluate the cracks in road to see if we need to crack seal.

Greer Lake Road: Crack seal and do shouldering west of Dave Galbraith’s driveway.

Adney Lake Road: Crack seal and do some shouldering by intersection with Greer Lake Road.

West Adney Lane: We need to add more gravel on the end of the road on the cul-de-sac.

Olander Road: Dust control by Phil Rono, Pat LaBorde, Bill LaBorde and from Chokecherry Lane to boat landing.  Continue grading.

Chokecherry Lane:  Regular grading.

Moritz Road: Dust control from Schweitzer’s to Hachey’s. Continue Grading. Fix corduroy sticking out of road.

Dangers Road: Crack sealing. Clear out ditch by Dangers driveway.

Bass Lake Road: Grade and keep trapping beavers.

Little Bass Lake Road: Continue grading

Les made a motion to adjourn and Phil 2nd the motion and it carried unanimously. The meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,


Marianne Auge’, clerk