August 10, 2021

 Minutes of August 10, 2021 Monthly Meeting

 The August 10, 2021, monthly meeting of Fairfield Township was called to order at 6:00 PM by Chairman Phil Yetzer.  Other board members present were Supervisor Les McCoy, Supervisor Brian Glenz, Treasurer Kathy Hachey and Clerk Marianne Auge.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

The agenda was reviewed.  Les asked that Moritz Road be added to the agenda. Phil made a motion to approve the agenda with the addition of Moritz Road and Les 2nd the motion and it carried unanimously.      

The minutes of the July 13 ,2021 meeting were read. Les made a motion to approve the minutes with the corrections and Phil 2nd the motion and it carried unanimously. The correction was $50,000.00 and flashing not slashing for the garage.

The treasurer’s report was read. Les made a motion to place it for audit and Brian 2nd the motion and it carried unanimously. Kathy said the Sourcewell account has $1667.47 in it.

Public Comment:  None

Propane: The clerk said the price she got from Federated Propane was about 10 cents cheaper per gallon than the price we got from Lakes Gas. Federated Propane would put a 1000-gallon tank in.  The supervisors discussed where to get the propane from. The supervisors said we have always had good service from Lakes Gas.  Phil asked the clerk to call Lakes Gas and if they match the price, we got from Federated we would stick with them.

Moritz Road: Les said Gene Moritz would like the township to put a ditch through the state land to help the drainage so his one field would not flood when we have wet weather. He said that the ditch that is there now floods his 40-acre piece of land. Les said he researched the elevation on the property being discussed. Les said he thought if we put a few bigger culverts under the road it would help with the water flow.  We would leave the culverts in that are there and add a couple more.  Les said if we were to put a ditch in it would put the water pressure going in the wrong direction. Les said we could not put a ditch across state land or the Moritz property because the township doesn’t own the land.. Gene asked if the township could remove the ditch that is there now.

West Adney Lane: Les said he would call Anderson Brothers to ask them for an estimate for blacktopping the remaining part of West Adney Lane that is gravel.  A petition by the property owners needs to be signed by 80% of the property owners and the property owners pay 80% of the cost of dirt work and blacktopping the road.

The dirt work around the garage will be worked on and flashing will be put around it. Les said Russ could put in the watershed pond and Les will ask Andy Moritz for the plans. Brian said we need material in the back of the garage because it is sandy. Brian thought we could ask Andy Moritz for some crushed blacktop.

Brian said he is working on getting estimates for painting the town hall.  It was decided we could wait until next year to paint.

Kathy said the cemetery Brochures are done and she ordered holders for them.   

Go North: Nothing

Kathy said there was   a recycling meeting with Ryan and Doug from Crow Wing County Landfill. Kathy said Crow Wing County would pay for 50% of the cost. The recycling would be held in Emily once a month. Kathy said the Lions Club would monitor it. Kathy said they are checking on pricing now. The cost would be split between the cities and towns that participate in the program. Kathy said the City of Garrison paid about $6000.00 for one year.

Kathy will talk to Dylan about having a link on our website to Crow Wing County and the landfill. She will give him the new cemetery brochure to add and will ask him about us adding items to the website.

Gene Moritz asked if the township would fix the mailbox posts. Gene also asked if we could do dust control by his house next year.

Aiden Gravelle asked if we had any more problem areas, he could trap beavers at. Les told him to keep checking Darsnek Road and he could check Moritz Road.

 Correspondence was read.

Bills were read. Brian made a motion to pay the bills and Phil 2nd the motion and it carried unanimously.

Les made a motion to adjourn and Brian 2nd the motion and it carried unanimously.   The meeting adjourned at 7:29 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Marianne Auge, clerk