June 14, 2022

 Minutes of June 14, 2022 Monthly Meeting

The June 14 ,2022 monthly meeting of Fairfield Township was called to order at 5:00 PM by Chairman Phil Yetzer.  Also present were Supervisor Brian Glenz, Supervisor Les McCoy, Treasurer Kathy Hachey and Clerk Marianne Auge.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

The agenda was reviewed. Les made a motion to approve the agenda and Brian 2nd the motion and it carried unanimously.

The minutes of the May 5, 2022, meeting were read.  Les made a motion to approve the minutes with the corrections and Brian 2nd the motion and it carried unanimously.  The corrections were Clean-up Day is May 21 not June 21 and the color we are painting the handicap railings. 

The treasurer’s report was read. Les made a motion to place the treasurers report for audit and Brian 2nd the motion and it carried unanimously. Kathy said the ARPA account has $17,894.33 in it and the Source Well account has $1490.16.

Public comment:

New Business: Mark Smith called about a planning and zoning request. He would like to put a boardwalk to the lake. Mary Zabilla, the resident from 18224 Turtle Bay Trail, Crosby, MN called and said the plow truck knocked her mailbox down and was asking if we had a swing away post we could put in. The clerk told her we don’t have swing away posts. The mailbox is in Mission Township, but we plow Adney Lake Road so Russ will look at the box and repair it.

Road Maintenance: Tim has been trapping beavers, cleaning culverts, and tearing beaver dams down.  Dust control will be done the first week of July.

Garage addition: The wastewater pond has been dug and is being shaped. Les said he would get a price for crushed concrete from Knife River to put around the cement apron on the back of the garage. 

Painting Townhall: Emily hardware has matched the color of the paint to the town hall garage colors. Tim has power washed the town hall and will start to paint it soon. The handicap railing will be painted grey and put reflective stickers on it. The doors will be painted white.

Go North:  Kathy said they are still working on the recycling program.

Clean-up Day: Clean-up Day went well. The clerk said she hasn’t received the bills for the roll offs or from Crow Wing County Land fill. The supervisors said we should give a report on clean-up day at the annual meeting.

Cemetery: The brochure is being worked on. We should put in the brochure that no trees can be planted.

 The supervisors discussed putting a new sewer in for the town hall. It was suggested that we get Martin Joyce to draw up the design for it.

West Adney Lane: Mark Wessels told Les that the road belonged to the township because we maintained it. Les talked to the attorney from Minnesota Association of Townships and the attorney told Les we don’t have to take the road. The attorney said we should stop doing maintenance on the road. We should draft a letter to the property owners saying we plowed and graded the road not knowing it didn’t belong to the township. We went to the end of the road because we needed someplace to turn around with our equipment. Also let them know that our easement ends at Lot 4 of the Oseland Estates.  Les said the road would need to be brought up to specs before the township could take it over.

Correspondence was read.

Bills were read. Les made a motion to pay the bills and Brian 2nd the motion and it carried unanimously.

Les made a motion to adjourn and Phil 2nd the motion and it carried unanimously.   The meeting adjourned at 6:37 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,


Marianne Auge, clerk