September 13th, 2022

 Minutes of September 13th, 2022 Monthly Meeting

The September ,2022 monthly meeting of Fairfield Township was called to order at 5:00 PM by Chairman Phil Yetzer.  Also present were Supervisor Brian Glenz, Supervisor Les McCoy, Treasurer Kathy Hachey and Clerk Marianne Auge. Also present were the persons on the attached list.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

The agenda was reviewed. Les made a motion to approve the agenda and Brian 2nd the motion and it carried unanimously.

The minutes of the August 11, 2022, meeting were read.  Brian made a motion to approve the minutes and Les 2nd the motion and it carried unanimously.   

The treasurer’s report was read. Brian made a motion to place the treasurers report for audit and Les 2nd the motion and it carried unanimously. Kathy said the ARPA account has $37,423.23 in it and the Source Well account has $1354.98

Public comment: Ken Anderson asked what was happening with West Adney Lane. He and the others that were at the meeting said they didn’t care if it was blacktopped but they would like to have it plowed in the winter. Les said the township had plowed it in error and it is like a driveway that the property owners need to plow. Ken said they hadn’t received any updates from Mark Wessels. The clerk said she sent the property owners a letter regarding West Adney Lane.

Gene Moritz asked if anything was being done about the water on his property. Les said we are going to put in a couple of bigger culverts going east to west. Les said he talked to the Corp of Engineers, and they would not grant us a permit to go across the wetlands.  Les said when the previous board dug the ditch  all the wetland regulations we now have were not in place. Gene said the ditch needs to be plugged so his property doesn’t flood. Gene asked Les if he could check into what could be done to fix the problem and get a cost estimate. Les said he would try to contact the permit people for wetlands again to see if we have any options.  Gene said the beaver dam on the state land was tore out by the township. Les said he will talk to Tim and let him know not to remove the beaver dam on state property.

New Business:  

Road Maintenance:  Les said he hasn’t got any calls from anyone interested in the snowplow job.  The clerk asked if we should keep running the ad in the newspaper and was told to put in the paper for 2 weeks in October and add the wage of $25.00 per hour to the ad.  Phil made a motion to pay up to $500.00 for a sign/banner that says Now Hiring Snowplow Driver to put out at the road by the townhall. Les 2nd the motion and it carried unanimously.

Phil said the new sewer plan that Martin Joyce did was approved.

Brian said the holding pond is done.

Go North: Kathy said they are still working on the recycling project.

The cemetery brochure is being worked on.

The clerk asked what we should bill the Over the Hills Gang for the dust control on Dam Road. It was calculated that the bill for Dam Road was $1427.55. The clerk will send a bill to Over the Hills Gang.

Correspondence was read.

Bills were read. Les made a motion to pay the bills and Brian 2nd the motion and it carried unanimously.

Les made a motion to adjourn and Brian 2nd the motion and it carried unanimously.   The meeting adjourned at 6:23 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Marianne Auge, clerk