September 14, 2021

 Minutes of September 14, 2021 Monthly Meeting

The September 14, 2021, monthly meeting of Fairfield Township was called to order at 6:00 PM by Chairman Phil Yetzer.  Other board members present were Supervisor Les McCoy, Supervisor Brian Glenz, Treasurer Kathy Hachey and Clerk Marianne Auge. Also present were Mark Wessels and Ken and Patty Anderson.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said.

The agenda was reviewed.  Phil made a motion to move West Adney Lane to public comment.  Les 2nd the motion and it carried. Phil made a motion to approve the revised agenda and Les 2nd the motion and it carried unanimously.

The minutes of the August 10 ,2021 meeting were read. Brian made a motion to approve the minutes with the corrections and Les 2nd the motion and it carried unanimously. The correction was July minutes were read not June minutes and the township can’t put a ditch through the state land and the Moritz property because the township doesn’t own the land.  Phil also said we were to get prices from 3 propane companies and the clerk said the price from Beaudry Propane was the same price as Lakes Gas.

The treasurer’s report was read. Les made a motion to place it for audit and Phil 2nd the motion and it carried unanimously

Public Comment: West Adney Lane: Mark Wessels and the Andersons had some questions on the petition needed to blacktop the unpaved portion of West Adney Lane. Mark Wessels said the current blacktop is 18 feet and the easement is 32.5”. Mark wanted to know if the easement would have to go to 66 feet.  Ken Anderson said the gravel portion of the road is 14 to 17 foot in width.  The Andersons had concerns about losing trees and whose responsibility it would be for removing any trees. The supervisors said the tree removal would be in the bid for blacktopping the road.   Mark Wessels said he had his 2 lots surveyed so he knows where the property line is on his property.  Mark Wessels said Marie Oseland’s granddaughter Denise Olson would give the township the property needed to make the road wide enough in exchange for not paying the assessment for getting the road blacktopped. Les said the estimate he got from Anderson Brothers for the final shaping of the roadway and placing 3” of Bituminous wear course approximately 900 ft. by 20 ft wide would be $35,592.00.  All grading and ditch work, class-5 to be done by others. There was no shouldering or approaches figured into the number. Phil said to leave West Adney Lane on the agenda and we would try to get more on the cost by next month.  If it is decided to blacktop West Adney Lane it wouldn’t be done until 2022. Mark said he would send the township a copy of the survey he had done.  

The clerk got a call from Tana Erickson asking if the township would approve the changing of the ambulance service from Crosby Ambulance to North Memorial Ambulance for the portion of the township around Bonnie Lake and Goodrich Lake. The clerk also received an e-mail from Chip Lohmiller with the letter attached requesting the change of ambulance service. Phil made a motion to approve the change of ambulance service per the letter and attached map and Les 2nd the motion and it carried unanimously. The clerk will let Chip Lohmiller know the board of supervisors approved the change.

Roads: Les said the culverts still need to be put in.

Garage addition: Les said he would ask Andy Moritz for the holding pond plans.

Go North: Kathy said the grand opening for the Old Post Office is scheduled for Oct. 23, 2021

Kathy said the recycling program was being presented to the Emily City Council tonight. Kathy said Waste Partners was an option for recycling, but they would need a locked fenced in area with a camera for the dumpster. Les suggested they might want to check with Pequot Sanitation for a price also. Kathy said Waste management might be an option also.  Kathy said she would keep us informed.

The clerk said she called Lakes Gas and they said they would match the price we got from Federated Propane. Phil made a motion to get the propane for the winter of 2021-2022 from Lakes Gas and Les 2nd the motion and it carried unanimously. 

 Correspondence was read.

Bills were read. Les made a motion to pay the bills and Brian 2nd the motion and it carried unanimously.

Les made a motion to adjourn and Brian 2nd the motion and it carried unanimously.   The meeting adjourned at 7:33 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Marianne Auge, clerk